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Apply for New membership

“There are many educated people who have ruined their future on account of their ignorance of religion. Their knowledge did not prove of any avail to them.”
– Imam Ali (as)
Be the Shia of Ali(as), Play your role in the future of our community center, help our children understand our faith and direct them towards the right path for the success in this world and the hereafter. Save their future. You will also be able to vote in the election of executives, attend AGM and express your queries/concerns about day to day running of the Imambargah.

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Sponsor A Majlis/Milad

“To secure for you, fame, credit as well as blessings, the help that you give to men in need, should possess the following attributes: whatever its extent, it should be considered by you as trifling so that it may be granted a high status; it should be given secretly, Allah will manifest it; and it must be given immediately so that it becomes pleasant.”
– Imam Ali (as)
Sponsor a Majlis today to get your share on the day of judgement.

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Reserve the Hall

You can reserve Imambargah Hall at nominal Donation Amount, For your Religious needs like Isaal-e-sawaab majalis, as well as Auspicious occasions like Marriage, Valima. Please note that the hall is not allowed to be used for any other purpose. Please fill up the form at your earliest opportunity to get the reservation.

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