Hussaini School

Hussaini school, is a Sunday only program designed to teach children and other young people Islamic traditions and values. It is primarily aimed to teach the youngsters reading, writing, cyphering and a knowledge of the Quran and Islam as a whole along with Sports and many other activities that students can enjoy and learn from them.

Hussaini School is run only by the volunteers and charges a nominal yearly fees to the students. The purpose of it is to provide children and youth an opportunity to have extra learning with fun and joy, outside of regular school. Hussaini School teachers are required to have a sufficient understanding of the faith and of the teaching process to become a teacher.

Hussaini School, contrary to the name, is not recognized educational institution; rather than offering formal grades or transcripts, Hussaini School simply attempt to offer meaningful instruction concerning Islamic doctrine. Attendance is tracked as a means of encouraging children to attend regularly, and awards are frequently given for making timely attendance.

If you like to visit us at the center or enroll your child(ren) for Hussaini School, Please contact us for more information.