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Ramadan Fasting Obligations Scenario Map
What are Furoo-ad-Deen(Branches of Religion)?

Furoo-ad-Deen (Branches of Religion) Salat (Prayers) Saum (Fasting) Hajj (Pilgrimage) Zakat (Poor Rate) Khums (Wealth Tax) Jihad (Striving) Amr-Bil-Ma’roof (Enjoin what is good) Nahi-Anil-Munkar (Forbid what is wrong) Tawalla (To Continue Reading →

Who are Fourteen Infallibles(Ma’soomeen)?

The Fourteen Infallibles includes The Last Prophet of Allah(swt) and his daughter Bibi Fatima(sa) along with 12 Imams: Prophet Muhammad Ar-Rasool (PBUH&HF) Imam Ali Al-Ameeril Mo’mineen (AS) Hazrat Fatima Az-Zahra Continue Reading →

What are Usool-ad-Deen (Roots of Religion)?

Tawheed – (Oneness of God) – The most fundamental aspect of all beliefs revolves around the total acceptance of the Absolute and Perfect Creator. Belief in the Originator of all Continue Reading →

The Origin of Shiism

Please read the PDF file attached herewith to get idea of The origin of Shiism.

How to Perform Wudhu?

How to Perform Ablution before Prayer(Wudu)? Evoke Niyyah. Internally state your intention as, “I am performing Wudhu for the pleasure of Allah, and to seek closeness to Him”. Remove anything Continue Reading →


Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwa: Insulting the Mother of the Faithful Aisha is prohibited Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree wherein he prohibited insult towards Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and any of Continue Reading →